We have been following a strong vision for presenting contemporary art positions and building a global art network!

Bellart Gallery is a private contemporary fine art gallery, which was initially founded and conceptually introduced as a web based art platform under identical name in 2010. Following the success of our launch our first site opened in 2013 in Vienna in the vicinity of Belvedere Museum and Botanical Garden and the gallery is situated in an Art Nouveau building from the 19th century. From the onset we have been following our vision to become the new vein of art to pulse in Vienna and breath back life to contemporary art and art positions in the broader European and global context.

We pride ourselves of becoming a significant art exhibition platform for visual and glass artists, musicians, actors, art curators and art collectors. We engage in projects in various media of visual art and provide network for connecting the renowned artists worldwide. The program includes artists working in a mix of media including contemporary painting, sculpture, photography, intermedia and installations of glass objects. Our visual artists are Miroslav Cipár, Jakub Španhel, Christian Zillner, Ján Hrcka, Marek Ormandík, Jozef Srna, Ján Vasilko, Igor Faško and Robert Bielik, and our glass artists are Oliver Leššo, Lothar Böttcher, Ilja Bílek, Ašot Haas and Luba Bakicová.

Bellart Gallery is also a pioneering platform in the field of innovative cryptocurrency transaction services to the community of art collectors and art institutions on a global scale, with own gallery artwork collection and a unique portfolio of artists available via ARTSY platform. While demand for cooperation and exhibition opportunities with Bellart Gallery has grown to an unprecedented level, we welcome applications of all artists on a fair basis and subject to evaluation of our professional Committee.

As of Q3 2019, we are delighted to extend our services to the professional artist community through Bellart Art Residency program.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Bellart Gallery and guide you individually through portfolio of our artists!

Those of you interested in gallery internship opportunities, art residency programs and exhibition opportunities, as well as grant writing specialists and art curators are kindly advised to send their applications to us at

More information about applications

Internship opportunities - are available throughout the year for Art University students who have enrolled in the ERASMUS+ program and similar, or require an intern position as a requirement of their university studies. To apply for your internship, please email us your CV and cover letter.

Art residency program - is a unique concept for artists with interest to create artworks in atelier in Vienna, and pre-requisite is a successful application for grant with relevant organizations and funds. To apply for a residency program, please send us your CV, cover letter, presentation of portfolio (PDF), list of exhibitions with installations shots.

Exhibition opportunities - in order to apply for an exhibition at Bellart Gallery, please send us your CV, cover letter, presentation of portfolio (PDF), list of exhibitions and installation shots and relevant publications, such as catalogues or books, and or video footage from your previous installations.

Grant writing specialists - are advised to send us a CV and cover letter outlining their experience with successfully writing grants for art projects in areas such as artist residency programs, participation at local and international art fairs, publishing and printing of publications, transportation of artworks and more.

Art curators - are advised to send us a CV and cover letter outlining their experience, reference of curated art projects and artists, and introduce suitable art projects of interest with a clear concept and timeframe.

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