"Today- figure - baroque"
Curated view on May 19th

Jozef SRNA
"TODAY - FIGURE - Baroque"


What is this enigmatic title behind? These are keywords that describe the work of Jozef Srna very accurately. Today: stands for topicality, for topics that describe people as being driven by stimuli. The burlesque is disguised as the dark side of this society. Figure: describes the compositional surroundings of Srna with the image area. He has two main positions in his art, the first is a poetic landscape painting, which honors the best romantic traditions, and the second is based on figurative painting. His figure is a comfortable report over the decadence of today. Baroque: as a catchphrase answers the question of the style in which this theater of immoral puppetry takes place. All in all, this exhibition shows a disturbingly open confession by an attentive person about the state of society, which in wild eddies of neo-baroque obscenity questions the paradigm of humanism.

An insight of the curator to the art work of Peter Baldinger:

"The dissolution of the representational is a constant in Peter Baldinger's work. It also forms the guiding principle of the diffusion series, in the context of which Baldinger has recently dealt with the oeuvre of Pablo Picasso and Willem de Kooning. In his variations based on the two exceptional artists of the 20th century, he takes an essential step into abstraction."

28.10. 2020 - 28.2. 2021

The term dissolution runs like a red thread through the entire work of Peter Baldinger (*1958). The word itself is polysemic: it has the meanings of “dissolving” in the sense of a physical disintegration and is synonymous with ending or Picking up something. One also speaks of the digital image resolution as a measure of the quality of a raster graphic – the sum of the layers of meaning is explicitly expressed in Baldinger’s series low_resolution. In addition, crystallized in his work the group of works diffusion years ago. In it, the artist puts the limits of the visual recognizability of a pictorial object to the test by looking at it as if through a fluted glass pane. Just as the word “resolution” ultimately stands for “the solution or elucidation of a riddle or secret”, Baldinger’s works address the viewer’s need to name, decipher and decipher the alienated subject to categorize.

2.7.-15.8. 2021

Bettina Schülke (*1967) is an Austrian multimedia artist living and working in Vienna with an unique academic, scientific and artistic background. Transformation can be seen as a process, something that takes place in time and space. Processes can become visible in different ways: In Schülke’s works, such PROCESSES OF TRANSFORMATION play a vital role. This can affect both the appearance of the works and their perception, the chosen content, the involvement of the viewer, as well as the different artistic media for the implementation of these topics. The upcoming solo exhibition of Bettina Schülke will feature textile works, drawings, paintings, video and objects and it will also be a reflection to the new era of rapidly changing environment and life as we used to know it.

"READING ABOUT LIQUIDITY" 7.11.2019 - 30.1. 2020

Bellart Gallery is delighted to present the solo exhibition “Reading about Liquidity” by Dorota Sadovska (*1973) which includes figurative oil,acrylic and carved paintings, as well as space and light objects. This unique art project marks a significant milestone in Dorota’s artistic work and its evolution of her explorative approach to the installation and presentation of art in a truly unique style with intertwined individual concepts that is built upon a dynamic visual construction based on a combination of different media. These constructions are readable by allowing the observers to be included in the staging. The installation motivates to emulate the gestures in the pictures and to participate in the whole artistic program. The fluid in the art of Dorota Sadovska is thus the transience of participation in viewing her own images.

Impressions from the gallery

Here are few photos from our exhibition openings and some install photos. For the ultimate visual art experience, we recommend to visit our gallery and  see the unique installations live. 

Curated view of Peter Baldinger's "Weeping woman" by Petra Ptáková


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