We have created a strong vision for presenting contemporary Art and Art positions in Central Europe!

Bellart Galerie is a private gallery founded in 2013 in Vienna with a vision to become the new vein of Art to pulse in Vienna and breath back life to contemporary Art and Art positions in Central European region. Our gallery is based in the 3rd district in Vienna within walking distance of Belvedere Castle and Botanical Garden situated in the Jugendstil building from the 19th century.

Bellart Galerie focuses on the contemporary painting, print, sculpture, photography and glass design. We work with distinguished and respected artists from within the Central European region and across variety of media. We engage in projects in various media of visual Art and aim to function as a network for connecting the emerging artists in Vienna with renowned artists worldwide. Bellart Galerie aims to present special installations, parallels between objects and structure and melt it into the various Art forms and show the process of Art and its expression in our current and upcoming exhibitions.

In cooperation with London Glass Blowing studio in Bermondsey, London, and the Glass studio at the University of Jan Evangelista Purkynì in Ustí nad Labem, Czech Republic we are also producing our own design, which is handmade free blown glass and kiln formed glass. In our cooperation we search for the new relationship between various styles to enhance the best reflection in result.

With us you can uncover the purity of design and also explore the beauty of colors and shapes in the visual artworks.

We present the unique Artworks to the local audience in Vienna and we offer each piece of Art in the highest quality from renowned artists and show their artworks to all those who are looking for a special piece to complement their interior, a unique present, and also to the collectors of Art.

Each piece of Artwork is an original and will never be repeated and this is the point where appears true value of Art and design. And this is also the reason why Bellart Galerie and Art itself is distinguished from the common produced designs in wide series.

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